Gardens Built

Water Welcome

prepond1 Welcome Home Pond prepond3 prepond6 paving,planting

Flagstone paver with living grout stones surrounded by the welcoming sounds of water, updates the front entry of this hilltop home. Enticing the visitor thru wrought iron gates

SideYard to the Bay

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Boulder Lined paths lead the way to back yard open space along the San Fransisco Bay. Wrought iron rails and low voltage lighting complement the Decomposed Granite(D.G.) pathways. Flat ares for family's vegetable beds and day time water watching

Award Winning - Strawberry Field Rugby Club House, UC Berkeley

rugby rugby3plus rugby20plus

A long abandoned men's locker room turned into an award winning project for an award winning team

Front Entries, Walkways, Paths

stucco wwFront wwSide

Proper Plant Selection

brick dri-stack


The right Plant selection is key to a healthy garden. Not only the specimen but the size at planting. Instants Garden are nice, but the maintenance and installation cost are higher. To increase health and longevity of garden and minimize maintenance, a smaller speciman plant will fill in and make itself comfortable, require less attention and care. A larger specimen will take longer to settle in and adjust to new surrondings.

Dri Stack Walls

The addition of the dri stack wall at driveway retained the new lawn and boxwood hedge.

Dri Stack Walls, maintaining and retaining years later. Complete Garden Renovation, walls, brick path, arbor

Dri stack retaining wall and boxwood hedge at 5 years plus